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If you are looking for a speaker for your next conference or for someone to conduct in-house training or workshops, the following are some of the topics that have been presented at conferences, as audio conferences and web casts, as half-day and full day workshops:

Half-day and Full-day Workshops

    Fundamentals of Accounts Payable and Best Practices

    Jumpstarting Your AP Automation

    How to Do A Procure-to-Pay Process Review

    How to Develop and Use Metrics and Benchmarking Effectively

    Basics of AP Automation

    Managing Your Vendor Master File

    How to Clean Up Your Vendor Master File and Keep It Clean

    How to Take Your Automation to the Next Level

45-90 Minute Presentations

    Top Goals and Strategies for Accounts Payable

    Regulatory Compliance: What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

    How to Develop RFPs for AP Automation and How to Evaluate Responses

    How to Build the Business Case for Your Next AP Automation Project and Get it Approved

    How to Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan for Your AP Department

    AP Automation Tends and Opportunities

    The Future of Accounts Payable

    Must Have Metrics for Accounts Payable

    Barriers to AP Automation and How to Overcome Them

    AP Automation: How to Get From Where Your Are to Where You Need to Be

    The AP Marketplace - Use of Technology and Market Share

    Essentials of Accounts Payable

    New Roles and Responsibilities for Accounts Payable

    Beyond Accounts Payable - Planning for Your Future

    Enhancing Accounts Payable Productivity

    Outsourcing of Accounts Payable Functions

    The Impact of E-Commerce on Accounts Payable

    Finding and Eliminating Erroneous Payments

    Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Payments

    Managing Your Vendor File

    Leveraging Your Vendor Relationships

    The IRS and Electronic Receipts

    Tips to Enhance Your Accounts Payable Operation

    Merging, Consolidating and Converting - What A/P Managers Need to Know

    Project Management - Reducing Risk and Ensuring Success

    Selecting and Installing New Systems

    Accounts Payable Trends and Opportunities

    What You Need to Know About Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    OFAC and Other Denied Parties - What A/P, Purchasing, Payroll, Marketing and Sales Organizations Need to Know

    Recovery Audits and Contract Compliance

    Must Have Enterprise Metrics for Financial Operations

    What Accounts Payable Needs to Know About Contracts

    Fundamentals of Invoice Processing

    Fundamentals of Payment Processing

    Accounts Payable - Best and Worst Practices