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We provide consulting to a wide range of companies. Our clients include many large public and private companies in a broad range of industries.

For End Users

Consulting engagements have been performed for over 100 companies in financial services as well as large research universities, healthcare providers, consultants, retailers, manufacturers, utilities and governments. Some types of engagements are:

    In-depth review of AP and Procure-to-Pay processes, procedures and controls

    Assess Regulatory Compliance

    Develop an AP or P2P Automation Plan

    Develop a Request for Proposal and Evaluation Criteria

    Develop a Business Case

    Identify process improvements and system enhancements

Some engagements performed for end users since 2011:

    Performed an in-depth review of the Procure-to-Pay process for a Fortune 500 retailer.

    Reviewed the Disbursements operation for a large private research university.

    Performed a Regulatory Compliance of the Accounting Operations of a large Canada-based Multinational Software firm.

    Assessed the Vendor Master File and associated procedures and controls for a Fortune 500 company.

    Developed a strategy and project plan for merging and consolidating multiple accounts payable operations using different software packages onto a common centralized platform.

    Provided customized guidelines for new vendor setup and vendor file cleanup after the merger of two large companies.

    Performed a Procure-to-Pay Process review for a Fortune 1000 health care provider.

    Reviewed and assessed a Request for Proposal for a vendor portal and responses from several bidders.  Identified key questions to ask vendors and their references as well as suggested key functionality.

    Developed a Procure-to-Pay Automation strategy for a mid-sized public company.

    Reviewed existing metrics and identified and helped implement more useful metrics for a large private company.

    Helped a large private company reduce risks and increase success of several Purchasing and Accounts Payable automation projects.

For Solution Providers

We work closely with firms providing products and services to Financial Operations, Procurement and Accounts Payable organizations. They have drawn on Casher's knowledge, expertise and insights of trends, problems and opportunities. We assist them by performing confidential evaluations of the functionality, features and benefits of their existing and new products and services.

Some engagements performed for solution providers since 2011:

    Reviewed the Business Plan for a venture funded firm providing new services in the Procurement and Accounts Payable marketplace.

    Reviewed and assessed a new product for the developer of a Procure-to-Pay service.

    Assisted in the assessment and preparation of a business plan for new online services for Accounts Payable professionals.

    Assisted in the enhancement of existing collateral material and the development of new collateral material for a firm providing services to the Procure-to-Pay market.

    Prepared an updated white paper, Must Have Metrics, on how to develop and use metrics and benchmarking

    Prepared a white paper, Getting To Yes, on how to build the business case and get approval for your next automation project.

    Wrote two chapters of the IOMA Institute of Finance and Management's Accounts Payable Compliance and Tax Handbook.

    Wrote two chapters of the IOMA Institute of Finance and Management's Controllers Compliance and Tax Handbook.

    Contributing editor to the IOMA Institute of Finance and Management's Accounts Payable Best Practices Handbook.

    Wrote several chapters and developed slides for the IOMA/TAPN Accounts Payable Certification program.

    Developed 21 new presentations and 8 new half-day and full-day workshops on a wide range of accounts payable and procure-to-pay issues.

    Led a team that developed a strategic plan and competitive analysis for a company providing services to Accounts Payable and Procurement organizations.

    Provided analysis and commentary to augment several white papers and research reports on a range of financial operations topics.

    Developed marketing and promotional materials for several new products and services directed towards CFOs and Controllers.

    Developed and analyzed results of several surveys on AP automation, decision making, strategies and goals.

    Wrote several articles for IOMA's Managing Accounts Payable Newsletter and became a member of their Editorial Advisory Board.

    Assisted in developing the program for an AP Automation conference held in 2011.

    Led the development of the programs and obtained speakers for many conferences and seminars.

    Gave keynote presentations at five AP, P2P and Technology Solution Provider user conferences.

    Presented webinars on a range of topics for over 50 AP and P2P Solution Providers in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

    Led workshops associated with over 15 AP, P2P, Controller and Technology conferences in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.