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Jon Casher

Jon Casher is the President of Casher Associates, Inc. which specializes in project management, process management and information technology consulting. Jon has worked with hundreds of organizations in the public and private sectors providing guidance and assistance on a broad range of financial operations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, treasury and procure-to-pay topics. The firm also organizes and presents at conferences and does white papers, articles, training and workshops in conjunction with other organizations.

Jon is one of the most respected consultants and original thinkers in procure-to-pay operations and technology. As head of a software firm, he conceived of the concept of online catalogs and online ordering in 1977 and his software firm implemented the concept for Citicorp in 1978.

From 1988 through 2007, Jon was the co-founder and Chairman of RECAP, where he was responsible for strategic planning and overall direction of the firm. RECAP became one of the leading Accounts Payable Recovery firms and introduced many of the concepts, products and services that are now commonly available. During Jon's tenure, RECAP's clients included a majority of the largest US banks, many large insurance companies, brokerage firms, mutual funds, investment banking firms, major research universities, publishers, utilities, hospitals, information services providers, management consulting firms and large public accounting firms.

Jon was a member of the Board of Directors from 2000 and head of the Audit Committee from 2002 of a NASDAQ listed company that went private in September 2006. He also advises several privately held companies.

He earned the APM (Accounts Payable Manager) certification in 2003 and is a subject matter expert for the Accounts Payable Certification Programs created and managed by the Institute of Finance and Management(IOFM) and The Accounts Payable Network (TAPN). Jon co-developed their certification training workshop and leads Accounts Payable Training classes at conferences, in conjunction with other workshops, stand alone, and in-house at many organizations. He is the author of several sections of the Certification Manual and associated slides.

Jon has over thirty years of experience in managing the design, development and deployment of computer-based financial systems. He has personally consulted with over 100 of the world's leading financial institutions and financial information service providers, as well as with several of the world's largest management consulting and accounting firms. He has also worked with many large public and private colleges and universities, healthcare providers, manufacturers and retailers.

Jon has been a guest lecturer on information technology and entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School, M.I.T. Sloan School of Management and Boston University. In addition, he was a lecturer at Boston University and Northeastern University where he taught graduate courses in Computer Science.

He has written two books and over 50 articles and white papers. He is the author of several chapters in several other books as well as a contributing editor of others. He teaches / presents over 40 conference sessions, web casts, and audio conferences each year. Articles written by Mr. Casher have appeared in Management Accounting published by the Institute of Management Accountants, Director's Monthly published by the National Association of Corporate Directors, Employer Practices published by the American Payroll Association and Management Review published by the American Management Association. He has been a regular contributor to IOFM's Managing Accounts Payable newsletter and was a member of its Editorial Advisory Board. He has been quoted in Harvard Management Update, a newsletter published by the Harvard Business School, Inside Edge published by American Express and other business publications.

Jon has a B.S. from Cornell University where his major was Operations Research, an S.M. in Management from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management, and has completed course work towards a Ph.D. in Management from M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management.